Stewart Gulch

Stewart Gulch is a beautiful and scenic area located in Ada County, Idaho. This area is surrounded by the Boise National Forest and is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy hiking, camping, fishing, and other recreational activities. The gulch is a narrow, steep-walled canyon that winds its way through the forest, offering breathtaking views and a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

The Boise National Forest, which surrounds Stewart Gulch, is a vast and diverse wilderness area that covers over 2.6 million acres. The forest is home to an abundance of wildlife, including elk, deer, bears, mountain lions, and numerous species of birds. It is also dotted with streams and rivers, making it a popular destination for anglers who come to fish for trout, steelhead, and other species of fish. Check for more site info

One of the most popular activities in Stewart Gulch is hiking. The area is home to a network of trails that offer stunning views of the surrounding wilderness and provide access to remote areas of the forest. The trails range from easy, family-friendly hikes to more challenging backpacking trips that are suitable for experienced hikers. Some of the most popular hikes in the area include the Stewart Gulch Trail, which is a 3-mile round-trip hike that winds through the canyon, and the Hardscrabble Trail, which is a 5-mile round-trip hike that takes visitors to the top of Hardscrabble Mountain.

Another popular activity in Stewart Gulch is camping. There are several campgrounds in the area, including the Redbird Campground, which is a well-equipped campground that offers RV hookups, fire pits, and picnic tables. The campground is a great place to spend a night or two, especially for those who want to take advantage of the many recreational opportunities in the surrounding area.

Fishing is also a popular activity in Stewart Gulch. The streams and rivers in the area are well-stocked with a variety of fish, including trout, steelhead, and other species. The nearby South Fork of the Boise River is particularly well-known for its excellent fishing opportunities, and anglers come from far and wide to fish its waters.

In addition to its recreational opportunities, Stewart Gulch is also rich in history and cultural significance. The area was once home to the Shoshone-Bannock tribes, and there are several historical sites in the area that commemorate the tribe’s long and rich history in the region. Browse next article. The Shoshone-Bannock tribes have a deep connection to the land, and their rich cultural heritage is an important part of the area’s history and identity.

In conclusion, Stewart Gulch is a beautiful and scenic area located in Ada County, Idaho that offers a wealth of recreational opportunities and cultural significance. Whether you are an avid hiker, camper, fisherman, or just looking for a serene escape from city life, Stewart Gulch is the perfect destination for you. With its stunning scenery, rich history, and diverse recreational opportunities, Stewart Gulch is sure to leave a lasting impression on all who visit.