2 Rivers Tree Trimming & Pruning Service

With our industry-leading equipment being operated by knowledgeable arborists, we are able to properly trim and remove large-scale trees that are 100 feet+. Our skilled arborists specialize in proper tree trimming techniques such as directional pruning, which helps mitigate long-term risk on young and mature trees, as well as structural tree pruning techniques adding esthetic value to your landscape.

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2 Rivers Tree & Hardscapes: Full-Service Tree Care Since 1998

Serving Canyon, Owyhee, Gem, Valley, Boise & Payette County Residents & Business Owners.

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Proper Tree Trimming & Pruning ensures your trees are safe and stay healthy.

Healthy trees enhance your landscape and greatly increase the value of your property. Before you go make incorrect cuts that cause rot and decay, call us for a free tree trimming estimate.

2 River Tree & Hardscapes follows all American National Standards Institute tree pruning standards (ANSI A300), climbs spurless to ensure tree health, has over 30 years of experience pruning trees in the Treasure Valley using the most advanced tree trimming equipment.

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2 Rivers Tree Trimming Ethos:

We adhere to ANSI A300 pruning standards and will never…

  • leave branch stubs
  • make unnecessary heading cuts
  • cut off the branch collar
  • top or lion’s tail trees (stripping a branch from the inside leaving foliage just at the ends)
  • remove more than 25 percent of the foliage of a single branch
  • remove more than 25 percent of the total tree foliage in a single year
  • damage other parts of the tree during pruning
  • use wound paint
  • prune without a good reason
  • climb the tree with climbing spikes (spurs are ONLY used for tree removal)